Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of SinapsiVideomapping Lab and with the help of a network of experts in every field, the lighting performances are created ad hoc for each event, and are enriched with contents that can range from an imaginative and narrative spectacularity to a meticulous and philological teaching.

Our work is aimed at promoting experimentation and research on new technologies applied to art.
We give priority to enhancing the culture of the area by creating new experiences and meeting spaces that facilitate the involvement and active participation of the public.
In this way, video mapping, together with architectural lighting, not only enhances the city at its best, but also helps to give it a new face: transforming urban spaces, giving new life to areas not fully used, giving new impetus to cultural and tourist development, transmitting new energy to the entire city ecosystem.

Our field of action can range between different types of applications, but what has characterized us over the years are the videomapping shows created for the facades of buildings of historical and cultural interest.

Video mapping represents the form of architectural lighting that best captures the viewer’s attention, keeping it high for the duration of the performance.
For this reason it is the solution that best suits events that require temporary lighting interventions, such as recurring festivities, themed initiatives, inaugurations, vernissages, new product launches.
In any case, the narrative also leaves room for fantasy, crossing into abstraction and creative interpretation, enriching the performance with futuristic perceptive games.
The result is an amazing show. With its technological precision, projection mapping enhances the specificity of the forms and lines of the architecture to be animated, transforming it into a scenographic backdrop on which to create highly persuasive experiences by exploiting the virtuality of light, changing the perception of space, surprising with special effects.

Highlighting the artistic value of the territory gives individuals the possibility to relate to the identity of their culture and territory and through this can generate a community territorial identity.
Through the use of an innovative language we want to wrap different cultural and social realities in experiences suitable for everyone.

We believe, therefore, that only by using a current and contemporary approach we can generate attractiveness around the cultural heritage, present in our territory.

If the cornice with the rise of the multimedia has become a screen, today the screen becomes a 3D surface through the use of video mapping.